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  • 3 Pieces of Advice

    In this little reminder, Zaky & Kazwa remind us about the 3 Pieces of Advice that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, that made a Jewish man by the name of Abdullah ibn Salaam become a Muslim, and at the same time, Zaky and Kazwa are having fun fishing!

  • Suratul Masad

    In this episode, we will learn about the events that led to the revelation of Suratul Masad and then Mowy will give us an explanation of each verse.

  • Mowy Visits Zaky

    It's been many years since Zaky & friends went to Snowcap Mountain to help Mowy keep his snowboarding school from closing. In this episode, Mowy comes to Zaky Land for a surprise visit and tells everyone the good news.

    Written by
    Mustapha Hendricks
    Subhi Alshaik

    Produced and edited by

  • The 99 names of Allah (10-18)

    Learn about the beautiful names of Allah. This video contains names 10-18.

    A One 4 Kids Animation film
    Written, produced and edited by Subhi Alsh


    Episode six of Zaky's Learning Club features:

    Letter of the Day with Toofa - Baa
    Where’s Kazwa? - Great Wall of China
    99 Names of ALLAH - 16-18
    Counting with Kazwa - Number 6
    Amazing Creation of Allah - Soil
    Count Blessing of Allah - Trees
    Wake Up - Nasheed/Song
    That's What Muhammad Sai...

  • Water

    Zaky's Little Muslim Series is great new series of poems about water with voice only Nasheed and colorful graphics.

    Produced and edited by Subhi Alshaik
    Written by Halima Hussein

  • Dua of Waking Up

    Learn the dua for Waking up

  • Everything For ALLAH SONG by Zaky

    This nasheed will inspire children to think about everything they do and hopefully only do what ALLAH loves for them to do.

    Written, produced and performed by Subhi Alshaik
    Backing vocals by Abdullah Rolle
    Featuring the voices of Suhaila & Sumaya Alshaik

  • Zaky Visiting Syrian Orphans in Lebanon 2018

    This is a short video of the Zaky & One4Kids team visit to the Syrian orphans and refugee children in Lebanon. Alhumdulilah we were able to put a smile back on their faces by distributing Zaky gifts and hosting a Zaky Fun Day for them.