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Suratul Masad

Featured Releasess – 7m 30s

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  • 3 Pieces of Advice

    In this little reminder, Zaky & Kazwa remind us about the 3 Pieces of Advice that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, that made a Jewish man by the name of Abdullah ibn Salaam become a Muslim, and at the same time, Zaky and Kazwa are having fun fishing!

  • Mowy Visits Zaky

    It's been many years since Zaky & friends went to Snowcap Mountain to help Mowy keep his snowboarding school from closing. In this episode, Mowy comes to Zaky Land for a surprise visit and tells everyone the good news.

    Written by
    Mustapha Hendricks
    Subhi Alshaik

    Produced and edited by

  • The 99 names of Allah (10-18)

    Learn about the beautiful names of Allah. This video contains names 10-18.

    A One 4 Kids Animation film
    Written, produced and edited by Subhi Alsh